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Friday, 24 August 2018

K-Lite Codec Pack Free Download- Updated All Variants Latest

About K-Lite Codec Pack:

Hi guys welcome to our site, I think you surfed something related to K-Lite codec Pack that is the reason you landed in this site. Don’t worry here in this site and article we provide you the best codec to download and complete guidelines of K Lite codec and its variants. Most of the people have problem with their computer and laptop like not supporting many video and audio formats because of OS. So here in this post I will give you the solution for this.

K lite codec pack download
K lite codec pack download
K lite codec pack is a good software package of audio and video codecs for Microsoft Windows, Mac and other OS. Do you know that K-Lite codec pack full will enables your OS to support and play many audio and video formats? K lite codec pack contains four different packages and also this supports more tools which are like codec tweak tool, media info lite, media player classic home.

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K lite Codec pack Best Features:

  • The K lite codec pack provides the best user experience and easy to use.
  • K Lite codec pack full provides the high level flexibility.
  • The developers of k lite codec update the software frequently so you will get the latest and newest app all the time.
  • Codec pack supports most of the video software like ZoomPlayer, KM player, PotPlayer, windows media player, GOM player and other players also.
k lite codec pack
K lite codec pack features
  • The user supports also good in k lite codec. If any queries received by the users they try to fix it as soon as possible.
  • If you uninstall K lite codec pack that will removes all the install including all registry keys. So be careful about this.
  • K-lite codec basic supports more useful functionalities like Audio bit streaming, subtitle display, in explorer it will show the thumbnail, broken codec detection and etc.
  • It does not contain unstable codecs. 
  • K-Lite supports many languages. Free basic version is very good to try this app freely.
The k lite codec packs is comfortable with all windows versions and Mac like 

K Lite codec for windows vista.
K Lite codec for windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
K-lite codec pack 32-bit
IMO for PC Windows

Different Variants in K-Lite codec pack Full:

Hi friends do you know there are four different k lite codec pack available from the small basic version to k lite codec mega. In the smaller bundle it contains only the mostly used decoders and the mega bundle contains largest amount of features let’s see about these k lite codec pack variants.

K-Lite Codec Pack Basic version:

In this basic version of k-lite codec pack contains all the most essential tools and decoders. K-Lite codec basic download is not that much difficult and using this basic version os k lite codec you can play the standard video file format like.
This k-lite codec also supports for standard audio file formats in the list below.
MP3, 3GP, APE, Wavpack, Opus, M4A, AMR, APE, MKA, Musepack, blu-ray and also more audio video formats supported by this k-lite codec pack basic version

K-Lite Codec Pack Standard Version:

The K-Lite codec pack standard version is same like basic version and has some more additional features.
This k lite codec standard variant contains “MadVR” This is an advanced video renderer with high quality up scaling which is included in the standard version only not in the basic variant of klite.
Media player classic home cinema is the mostly recommended video player this is also included in standard pack.
k lite codec pack standard

Media Info Lite” is the best tool to get the media file information to the user easily. 
This k lite codec pack standard is the most recommended pack for the normal and average users. 

K-Lite Codec Pack Full Variant: 

The k lite codec pack full version also have the same features of basic, standard and few more features which are listed below.
In this full pack you can get “DC Bass Source Mod” this is very rare format.
GraphStudioNext” this is a tool for creating and testing direct show graphs it is really worthy feature.

K-Lite Codec Pack Mega Version:

K lite codec pack mega is like same as full version it contains some more features like VFM/ACM codecs for video editing and encoding.
K-lite codec pack mega

More additional features are there to know more about k lite codec mega by using the below link.
Apart from this version k lite codec beta is there it contains all the latest updates of this codec. This beta version is available for all versions basic/standard/full/mega. 

K-Lite Codec Pack Download Free:

Downloading and installing K Lite codec is very easy use the below links to download k-lite codec pack by one click.
Download K-Lite Codec Pack Mega

k lite codec download

If you have any doubts just leave a comment in the below comment box.

K-lite codec pack update and Beta Download:

This klite codec pack update is not a standalone pack it is coming in the package with all versions like Basic/ Standard / Full and Mega. 
Using this additional version you can get the all newest updated of software without any struggle.
Beta version all available for all K-Lite versions this is recommended only for expert users.

K- Lite Codec supported Formats using Infographic:

From the below image you can get all the details of k-lite codec pack 2018 in a infograpic way. leave comment if you have any doubts.

k lite codec infographic

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